Virtual One Acts. She’s Fabulous by Jack Neary featuring Rachel Ames & Michele Leigh. The Pride by Joy Harris featuring Joy Harris. A Conversation with Mary Ryan by Gene Golaszewski featuring Stefanie Rosenberg. (2021)

Virtual Cabaret features Zach Theis on vocals with Noelle Veillette as musical director and Hunter Zandieh on cello. Produced by Nicole Veach with Tyler Kittleman providing audio and video. (2021)

Always, Anastasia a one-act mystery written & directed by Michele Leigh. Featuring John Squires as a disillusioned cop whose wife played by Nikki Yatsenick, disappears on Christmas eve. Joy Harris investigates the case as part of our Virtual Holiday Fundraiser. (2020)

Prescription: Murder, A Columbo Mystery featuring the murder scene with Mark Rubino as Dr. Flemming, Rachel Ames as Claire Flemming and Nikki Yastenick as Susan Hudson. Directed by Michele Leigh. (2019)

Dancing in Lughnasa. A play by dramatist Brian Friel set in the fictional town of Ballybeg. This memory play features Rosemary Howard, Amy Cabot, Rachel Ames, Amy Petrucci, Emily Volpintesta, Miles Everett, Phil Cook and Patrick Kelly. Directed by Sherry Asch. (2018)

Over the River and Through the Woods. A blackbox production directed by Sherry Asch. Here is the dinner scene featuring Kate Valiska, John Zanowiak, Tom Torpey, Mike O’Mara, Elaine Reidy and Mary Wilson. (2017)

The Foreigner directed by Timothy Huebenthal, who also designed the perfectly appointed fishing lodge set. The play is both farcical and magical with Bob Filipowich, Nick Kaye, Jennifer Weiss, Bryn Berg, Tony Benedetti, Rick Haylon and Owen Musser. (2016)

Wanted for Dinner, an original play written by Newtown resident Elizabeth Young. This play features Brian DeToma, Pam Meister, Miles Everett and Christopher Cooney, Directed by Terry Polvay. (2015)